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Hathaway Holistic

I focus on healing skin and within because I know that a healthy glow starts from the inside out. 
I was a high fashion model in NYC. Years of going 100 mph and not taking care of myself started to catch up with me. So I began my holistic journey and took charge of my health. I was still modeling, but I began exploring different passions as I healed myself. I first received my yoga instructor certification as I learned to slow down. As I became more in touch with spirituality and energy, I became a reiki master. Although I was passionate about these things, they were not my career path.
From the start of my career, I always had a million questions for the skin professionals on set and was left hungry for more. At one point, I was consistently booking skin and beauty jobs which led me to follow this passion. I am so grateful I did! I attended Aveda New York and Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics NY, where I became well-versed in Ayurveda and European esthetics.
After school, I began training and working with the best skin care professionals in the business. I decided to further my education at IIN to further my health knowledge as I believe in the whole body and mind approach. Eventually, I couldn’t progress any higher working for others and decided to create a brand of my own.